For five years now we have championed the cause of the junior bar to our clients. We have assisted numerous junior barristers to find jobs and advised many more on difficult career decisions.

We have extended our services to include both qualified barristers and solicitors and we have a large and diverse client base that enables us to find positions for lawyers in many different career situations.

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We boast a broad range of clients including individual barristers, solicitors firms international corporations and SMEs.
We operate across numerous business and legal areas.

We supply lawyers (paralegals, barristers, solicitors) with an emphasis on the junior bar. Candidates can be engaged permanently, on FTCs or on daily or hourly rates as part of our complete recruitment service.

In addition to our established recruitment service, we have become a specialist provider of project teams for disclosure/document review.

We supply dedicated teams of disclosure consultants for all review levels depending on the complexity of the project. As part of this we can offer remote teams of qualified barristers to undertake more complex review if issues need to be elevated in order to offer a complete managed review service.

Our use of the bar for these tasks is unique in the market and enables us to offer a more accurate and flexible service.

All of our clients can expect to deal with a dedicated account manager to manage their individual requirements and to receive a truly bespoke staffing service.

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Assisted Document Review

Assisted Document Review

Since ‘Big Data’ exploded onto the scene a few years ago, document review and disclosure have become an ever increasing and important element of many forms of legal proceedings.

This element of proceedings has grown to become a major cost and staffing concern for parties considering progressing their cases. For these reasons, many parties decide to outsource their disclosure requirements to an assisted document review specialist such as Baby Barristers.

In conjunction with our certified software provider partners, we offer one of the most effective and best value assisted review solutions in the marketplace.
As our name suggests, we primarily source our reviewers from a background at the bar, which we believe adds an element of accuracy and flexibility unavailable elsewhere.

We supply consultant teams to deal with all levels of review, and can elevate complex matters to our barristers in chambers if required to offer a comprehensive review package which is both extremely accurate and cost efficient.